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            Chemspec  has established a mature  and  standardized  production  system to  ensure the  reliable supply and in-time

            delivery of  high-quality  products. The  following  chemical  reactions  had  been  operated in daily commercial scale in

            production sites,

            C-C Bond Formation:

            - Friedel - Crafts Reaction

            - Grignard Reaction

            - Lithiation

            - Suzuki Coupling

            - Witting Reaction

            Functional Group Transformation:

            - Fluorination

            - Amination

            - Diazotization

            - Hydrogenation

            - Oxidation and Reduction

            Among of  our products,  majority  is  fluorinated  chemicals.  That is because we have more than 16 years' expertise in

            fluorination production. The following processes are employed everyday in our production sites:

            Halex Reaction


            Balz-Schiemann Reaction


            Aliphatic Reaction

            Other Reaction

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